Rene Russo – return of a true star

I was channel hopping the other night and found myself watching Tin Cup, one of the best films about golf and love ever made (and if you think that’s not a very long list, you’re probably right.)

It was such a pleasure to see it again, to revel in the silliness and the romance of it - and to see the wondrous Rene Russo.

In the mid-Nineties, Russo was the woman every woman wanted to be, one who combined a smouldering screen presence with intelligence and strength. She held her own against all the male megastars of the day, matching them ounce for ounce in charisma and screen presence - Kevin Costner in Tin Cup, Clint Eastwood in the magnificent In the Line of Fire, Pierce Brosnan as the thief to her investigator in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair and John Travolta in Get Shorty.

Then suddenly her career trailed away. She madeThe Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle ( a movie that scuppered more than one career) and a few more unmemorable films and since 2005 has not been seen on screen. I am glad to see that she is returning in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor, though I fear the part of Frigga will hardly recall her at her luminous best.


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