Reese Witherspoon Finds Meaning in Film About Self-Acceptance


Reese Witherspoon has charmed audiences in roles ranging from the iconic airhead in "Legally Blonde" to June Carter Cash in "Walk the Line," which won her an Academy Award. Now the megastar actress is trying her hand at a new role — producing the upcoming film "Penelope."

"Penelope" is an oddball fable about a girl, played by Christina Ricci, who is cursed with a pig's nose and who learns about life and love. Witherspoon says she got involved as a producer because she believes the film will teach people, particularly young women, about the value of self-acceptance.

"The character of Penelope really spoke to me, finding what's really beautiful about yourself — that can really define you," Witherspoon told ABC News Correspondent Chris Connelly.

Witherspoon also appears in the film as Ricci's friend Annie, a bike messenger in New York City, who she says "talks a lot and has a lot of energy."

(Source: ABC News)

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