Reality TV goes from strike issue to Emmy star


For reality television, this weekend's Emmy ceremony promises heady and unprecedented attention.

For the Writers Guild of America, scant months from a bitter strike that fought and failed to unionize so-called unscripted programs, the star billing is salt in a wound.

The show will be hosted by five hosts from hit shows including "American Idol" and "Deal or No Deal," and the emcees are competing in a new category honoring their work. For the first time, a reality-made celebrity — Lauren Conrad of "The Hills" — will be a presenter.

And she and another reality-made star, "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano, are creating gowns for the so-called "trophy girls."

Emmy organizers point out that the genre has established itself as a popular and vital part of TV and deserves its due, and that the 60th annual ceremony airing on ABC is celebrating television as a whole.

(Associated Press)


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