Quentin Tarantino reveals filmmaking secrets

Quentin Tarantino loves to talk about movies, possibly even more than he loves to make them. So, the director of the new war epic "Inglourious Basterds" was more than happy to sit down with MSN Movies and take a look back over his life in film.

Tarantino started like all of us - as a movie fan. He spent his early days swotting up on the legends of cinema, scouring the TV guide, working in a video store and finally scraping together enough cash to shoot his rarely seen first movie "My Best Friend's Birthday." This half-finished, black-and-white comedy is "cute but amateurish" he tells us, with a grin.

But the young filmmaker learned some big lessons. After winning a Sundance Film Festival prize for his stunning breakout crime debut "Reservoir Dogs," Tarantino became an unstoppable cinematic force. Here, he shares personal recollections about his career, from why Jackie Brown might have been white to what the 45-year-old filmmaking icon thinks about CGI. Click here to get started.

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