Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez talk shop on their next projects after ‘Grindhouse’


So I was breezing through channels, which I hardly ever do,  and I landed on The Charlie Rose Show where Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez were holding court.  It’s really great to see these two guys bask in their friendship based on their love for movies. The laid-back and calm Rodriguez is the perfect counterpoint to the frothing and foaming Tarantino, who gets carried away by the minutae and verve in describing everything with a resounding climax. But what was interesting is what both of these guys had to say about their next projects when asked by Rose.

Rodriguez mentions that Sin City 2 will most likely go into production this June and could be followed by a television series. That’s an interesting idea as the Sin City series of graphic novels could be expanded into a dark show, maybe on HBO or Showtime.

Tarantino, on the other hand, lays down the gauntlet on Inglorious Bastards, the WWII Dirty Dozen-type adventure movie, which he’s described many times as his next project:

The only reason I hadn’t done it yet is because it expanded into such a thing that I was literally writing a novel…at some point I almost abandoned it and like I’ll just have to turn it into a book but now, I mean, I could do it as a mini-series, I could do it as anything.

Tarantino also notes that he hates the biopic with a passion and would be the one genre he would never do. Yet he insists he’s always wanted to do a picture based on the life of John Brown. Tarantino even suggests that he would like to play Brown, a rebellious abolitionist, at some point. No word on a script but it sounds promising.

After the misfire of Grindhouse at the box-office (it’s amassed about $20 million so far), there’s no denying it’s time to throw themselves quickly into something else to redeem themselves in the eyes of the money men. The deflated Harvey Weinstein pronounced that Grindhouse was better off split into two movies. The worldwide release of Grindhouse could most likely see it as two features shown separately. Looks like it’s time to make papa Weinstein proud again.


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