Q&A: The Hughes Brothers, directors of ‘The Book of Eli’

Twin brothers Albert and Allen Hughes burst on the filmmaking scene with the 1993 urban drama "Menace II Society." But the duo's Alcon-produced, Warner Bros.-distributed "Book of Eli," is their first since 2001's "From Hell."

Albert Hughes: I moved to Prague eight years ago. I have a kid in Los Angeles so I come out and stay there when I'm here to work. But if I had my choice, I would not set foot in this town or this country again. It's 50% the business I'm in and 50% the culture and politics of the country. The youthfulness of this country, not having to deal with thousands of years of sexuality, religion, everything. This country is a big baby and I don't want to be here while it's still learning. I'd rather be in a country where I don't understand the language and nobody is bothering me or telling me what to read or who to f***, and what movies to make. Out there, I do these little shorts that no one ever sees. They're experimental. I get more joy outta doing that than doing a movie. I can just make some bullshit and have fun. I've been doing that for 8 years.


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