PROFILE: Director Milos Forman on his new film ‘Goya’s Ghosts’


"I don't care if people are Democrats or Republicans, communists or anti-communists," says director Milos Forman. "I divide people between those I am afraid of and those I am not. Once you have lived under the Nazis and the Communists, you learn these kinds of things." The official portraitist of "Amadeus" and "The People vs. Larry Flynt" will return to theaters Friday with "Goya's Ghosts," a costume drama and controlled historical epic that marks his first film since the Andy Kaufman biopic "Man on the Moon" in 1999.

Yet rather than a meta-portrait of the great court painter of Spanish royalty Francisco Goya, "Goya's Ghosts" chronicles the long tail of the Spanish Inquisition, the "liberation" of Spain at the hands of Napoleon and the subsequent expulsion of the imported French Revolution by a guerrilla uprising, in conjunction with the British Duke of Wellington and the Catholic clergy.

(Source: LA Times)

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