Producer Jerry Weintraub is the real deal


Weintraub words: In a business where everybody claims to be a producer, Jerry Weintraub's the real McCoy 

Unlike those who get producer credit because they own the rights to a book or play or control a star's participation or financed the development of a screenplay, Weintraub's truly a working producer. With his latest production, "Ocean's Thirteen," opening in first place via Warner Bros. to $36.1 million last weekend, I was happy to be able to talk to Weintraub on Sunday morning about the making of "Thirteen," the business of producing movies and his next production, "Nancy Drew," opening wide Friday via Warners. 

Clearly, Weintraub's a producer in the classic sense of the word. He's there from the inception of a project and not only puts together its studio deal, but assembles its cast and creative team. He's on the set daily throughout production, putting in long hours working hand-in-hand with his directors. And when a film's in the pipeline for release, he's a key player in the marketing process. 

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)

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