Producer expects more big budget Aussie films


Leading producer Martin Brown believes the federal government's new film production rebate will open the floodgates for big budget movies to be shot in Australia.

Brown is currently working on 67-year-old director Fred Schepisi's Vietnam War epic The Last Man, set to star Australian actors Guy Pearce and David Wenham.

The film will be shot in Queensland after gaining crucial support from the Film Finance Corporation (FFC).

It will also feature local talent Simon Baker (The Devil Wears Prada), Martin Henderson (Bride and Prejudice), Vince Colosimo (Lantana) and Sam Worthington (James Cameron's upcoming Avatar).

"It's going to make commercial films with a larger budget more possible in Australia," Sydney-based Brown said about the Rudd government's 40 per cent refundable tax offset.

"Hopefully we'll see more Australian filmmakers coming home because they'll have a bigger canvas to work on."

(The Age)

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