Ponyo: Finally, A Great Family Movie

If you haven't seen it in the theatres yet, Ponyo, a new Japanese animated film by Hayao Miyasaki, is one of the rare gems of a movie that the whole family will enjoy, and that is worth seeing on the big screen.

Our family doesn't get out to see movies together very often. Between the different ages of the kids, and our different desires for film pleasure, we often end up splitting up and going our separate ways...or more likely, waiting till a film's released on DVD, or on TV so we can Tivo it. Occasionally, I can be convinced to go out to a family animated movie, but usually when it's over I feel the same way I feel after eating a bag of Cheetos--slightly assaulted and gross. And I find myself longing for the days of real movies, which then makes me feel old and cynical.


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