Plucked from obscurity to star in ‘The Golden Compass’, Dakota Blue Richards is just an ordinary teenager


Dakota Blue Richards is a pretty ordinary 13-year-old schoolgirl. Her Sussex schoolfriends call her Dee, or Dee-Dee. She says "like" a lot. She has a tank of pet fish. She's "a bit of an addict" when it comes to MSN. She enjoys maths and English, but "I don't like Latin. And I know it's really mean to say that to the teachers and to everyone who likes Latin - but I despise it." She worries about the environment. The last film she loved was Transformers, Michael Bay's noisy robot smash-fest. When she and her friends Celeste, Grace and Olivia get together, they hang out on the seafront or in the park, creeping up on unsuspecting strangers and shouting "Chicken pie!" before running away, howling with laughter.

Everything hangs on her performance as Lyra Belacqua, the plucky, hot-headed adventurer whose struggle for self-determination steers the plot of Philip Pullman's ambitious children's trilogy, His Dark Materials. As well as carrying this $205m movie, with just a little help from Nicole Kidman, Christopher Lee and Tom Courtenay, Dakota is the central character in what film studio New Line hopes will be its next long-haul fantasy franchise. The company reaped $3bn from The Lord of the Rings: the stakes are very, very high.

(Source: The Guardian UK)

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