Playing Patty Hewes on ‘Damages’ toughens Glenn Close

Reporting from New York -- Glenn Close wasn't too pleased to find out at the end of the first season of “Damages” that Patty Hewes, the scheming attorney she plays on the FX thriller, was the one responsible for the attempted killing of her protégé Ellen Parsons.

"I was upset!" exclaimed Close, curled up on her dressing room couch at a Brooklyn sound stage. It was a drizzly winter afternoon, and the actress had just finished shooting a scene for the show's second season, which premieres Wednesday. "I didn't want her to be a psychopath. I think at the end she sincerely regrets what she did and is really relieved that it didn't happen."

At least that's her interpretation. The writers of "Damages," a layered, twisting drama about personal and professional power games, don't give a lot of clues about where they're headed, even to the cast. The actors are often in the dark about their characters' motivations or misdeeds, a dynamic that Close, who was accustomed to more defined film roles before taking this part, admits took some adjustment.


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