Peter Jackson: Spielberg has completed pre-vis on ‘Tintin’ movie

In a recent panel at Comic-Con, director Peter Jackson spoke about the status of the Tintin movie with Steven Spielberg directing the first in a trilogy of movies about the plucky comic book boy reporter:

"[Director] Steven [Spielberg] has just finished his cut of the film he directed, the first one, so I'm going to get a look at that next week," he said. "He seems to be very pleased with it. The stuff that Steven directed is this very early form of pre-vis, the figures are very crudely animated in the sense that it's just the live motion capture. Once we're happy with the cut, then the rendering begins and the time-consuming aspects of it start, which will take us two years. But the creation of the movie is almost complete."

We await with bated breath any sneak peek at the visuals. No word yet on when the first film in the trilogy goes officially into production.

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