Peter Billingsley of ‘Christmas Story’ fame is all grown up and making films

Peter Billingsley was on the other side of the world at Bora Bora's St. Regis Resort describing his working conditions for making the new comedy "Couples Retreat."

The phrase "working conditions" may not be entirely appropriate.

"To my left is this beautiful beach," he said by phone. "I'm in a house built on stilts over the water where we shot several scenes. On the deck there's a hot tub ... you can jump from the hot tub into the sea. In the floor is this big glass pane, and I can see fish swimming under my feet."

If the name Peter Billingsley rings a bell, it's because when he was only 11 he starred in one of the most beloved movies of all time - "A Christmas Story." He played Ralphie, the kid desperate to get his hands on a Red Ryder BB gun.

Now Billingsley, 38, makes his directing debut with "Couples Retreat," opening Friday. It's about Midwesterners who get a great rate on a tropical vacation, then find that as part of the deal they all have to undergo marriage counseling.


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