Persian Gulf getting into filmmaking

While much has been made of the competition between the two emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to establish themselves as regional and international film hubs, the rest of the Persian Gulf has stepped up its own cinematic activities.

The likes of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait all have hefty coin at their disposal with the booming oil and gas prices, and even smaller states such as Oman and Bahrain, not to mention other emirates in the U.A.E, are all getting in on the filmmaking act.

Sharjah, for example, a fellow emirate alongside Dubai and Abu Dhabi, just wrapped production on its first full-length feature, "Jumaa and the Sea," which received its world preem at Abu Dhabi's Middle East Intl. Film Fest (Oct. 14-19).  Elsewhere Oman ("The Dawn), Bahrain ("The Barrier") and Qatar ("Threads Beneath Sands") have all produced their first features. 

(Source: Variety)

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