Paula Abdul quits ‘American Idol’ – Reality shows getting a bad rep?

Reality TV is a guilty pleasure, and when it comes to music show, Paula Abdul, Idol, and the other judges were a match made in heaven. This marriage is now on the rocks as Paula Abdul quits American Idol and joins a growing list of celebrities turning their backs on reality shows.

Reuters reports that the rumors surrounding Paul Abdul, Idol, and a possible split are finally at an end: Paula Abdul quits American Idol. Even if you never watched an episode of American Idol, you know that Paula Abdul is one of the judges that make or break the music career aspirations of would-be singers.

Officially, there is no reason mentioned behind Ms. Abdul's decision to quit the widely popular reality TV show, but industry insiders are speculating that a failure to secure a sizeable raise in salary may have played a role in her decision to leave the show, which she helped to make popular ever since its inception.


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