Patrick Dempsey tests his movie stardom

During his writers'-strike-induced hiatus from Grey's Anatomy, which returns with new episodes Thursday (ABC, 9 p.m. ET/PT), Patrick Dempsey whisked wife Jill away for a romantic Italian getaway. No kids. No cameras. And no reporters.

The couple, married since 1999, took in a fashion show in Milan; then, in Lake Como, they were among many marveling at the waterfront estate of that city's most famous resident: George Clooney.

"He's larger than life," says Dempsey. "I've met him a few times now, and he has always been very funny and charming. I like him."

Though he'd perhaps prefer comparisons with his idol, Cary Grant, it is Clooney with whom Dempsey has been compared ever since he rejuvenated a stalled teeny-bopper career by hitting it big on a prime-time medical series. Clooney, of course, did the same when he segued from early Facts of Life fodder to ER superstardom.

(USA Today)


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