Paramount won’t show ‘G.I. Joe’ to critics

You have to gird your loins. I don’t think the mainstream critics are relevant here, they have criticized themselves into irrelevancy. `Transformers 2’ got the worst reviews in the last decade, and it is the biggest hit of the year. More people will see that than any other movie. On my movie, it became so clear to us. Why not make those reviewers pay their $15 like everyone else?

The guys they allowed to see it, some who’d been so vicious over the past year, they loved the movie. It’s fun, and it is one of those movies I wouldn’t have minded seeing reviewed. This might have been my best reviewed movie, so I’m on the fence about this whole thing. But I understand Paramount’s standpoint. 

- Director Stephen Sommers on G..I. Joe's critics and Paramount (From Daily Variety)

With more than $300 million in production and marketing spending on the line for the opening of "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" on Friday, Paramount has a message for critics: Go see the movie with everyone else.

A spokesperson for the studio confirmed that there would be no screenings for reviewers at print and broadcast media outlets, meaning if they want to see the film, they will have to go Friday along with regular moviegoers.


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