Oscar-winning scribe Kaufman debuts as director


Did you hear the one about the starlet who was so stupid she had sex with a screenwriter?

Charlie Kaufman doesn't find that old Hollywood joke funny.

The Oscar-winning scribe of 2004's "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" says he's felt fulfilled as a writer, so he didn't feel the need to use that pursuit as a steppingstone to directing; plus, he's never seen those jobs "as a hierarchical thing the way people in the business do ... I think that they're very different jobs, and I don't think directing is more important than writing. I think that you could make an argument in the converse_ not that I would, but you could, but no one does."

Still, he's making his directorial debut with "Synecdoche, New York," starring Philip Seymour Hoffman as a theater director whose romantic and professional lives meld, mostly in awful ways.

(Yahoo News)



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