Oscar win brings more eyes to foreign film

Wonderful as it is to win the Oscar for best foreign-language film, don't expect it to make your phone ring off the hook.

"If you win every other award in the world from every major festival, it's not as visible as the Oscar," observes Argentine writer-director Juan Jose Campanella, whose thriller "The Secret in Their Eyes" won the top prize last month.

But he added, "I don't know if it makes a huge impact on my career. What the Oscar does is make a lot of producers and directors want to see the movie. Then if they like it, something might happen."

"Eyes," opening Friday in New York and Los Angeles via Sony Pictures Classics, got on the awards track last fall after playing at festivals like Toronto and Spain's San Sebastian.

Its screenplay by Campanella and Eduardo Sacheri is adapted from Sacheri's book about a retired criminal court investigator writing a novel about a rape-murder case he handled 25 years earlier.


International Cinema

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