On the set with Nicolas Cage in Melbourne shooting the sci-fi drama ‘Knowing’


"It would be a wonderful thing if they could find a thylacine," says Nicolas Cage, on set at the Melbourne Museum, who requested his photo be taken in front of the Tasmanian tiger. Cage is in Melbourne to film Knowing.

Just before 2am, a flustered Nicolas Cage enters an exhibition in the Melbourne Museum, sidles up to Rose Byrne (below) and introduces himself. It's awkward.

He thrusts his hand at her, too fast. But she accepts, smiles, and responds with her name. The meeting is important. He needs her to help save the world.

Science-fiction drama Knowing is filming across Melbourne for the next 2½ months, pitting the Oscar-winning actor's character in a race to stop a time capsule full of chilling prophecies from coming to life.

(The Age)

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