On the Scene: MTV Movie Awards

Willsmith_l I went to Sunday's 2008 MTV Movie Awards expecting the unexpected. After all, this is the show that prides itself on not being like those other "boring" award shows. This is the show that honors "movies" instead of "films." This is the show where, last year, Sacha Baron Cohen got away with kissing Will Ferrell, and Sarah Silverman got away with taunting jail-bound Paris Hilton.

And, yes, this year's show had its share of surprises, but the whole production felt a bit off. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that just down the hill from the Gibson Amphitheatre, firefighters were still struggling to contain the morning fire at Universal Studios Hollywood. Iconic backlot sets that had been used for everything from To Kill a Mockingbird and Inherit the Wind to Back to the Future and Bruce Almighty were destroyed. Thousands of the studio's film reels were damaged. The 30-foot animatronic robot of King Kong himself perished under the flames.

A slice of film history was dying, but the MTV Movie Awards marched on. And how many times did the show mention the fire that was blazing just a couple of hundred yards away? Zippo.



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