Oliver Stone “shocked” on revisit to Wall Street

Director Oliver Stone was shocked when he revisited the world of high finance for the sequel to his 1987 hit movie "Wall Street", describing what was happening there as the "collapse of capitalism."

"Why did I go back?...Because it's important. It's the collapse of capitalism and the collapse of our society. It is. Our way of life is going to change," Stone told Vanity Fair magazine in an interview.

"I was truly, truly shocked when I went back (to Wall Street)," the Oscar-winning director told the magazine in an interview for its April edition.

"A million dollars had become a billion dollars. They'd replaced people of substance with people who made money. The Volckers had become the Greenspans," he said.

But Stone said his first aim, as always, was to tell an entertaining story. "And to tell a story of financial manipulation on Wall Street is one of the hardest things you can do."


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