Nicolas Cage is the busiest actor this year?

NEXT Nicolas Cage as Cris Johnson and ...

Life is in the fast lane for Nicolas Cage, who stars in no less than four films this year. All of them are set to be released before the end of the year which quite possibly earns him the moniker of the busiest actor of the year among the echelons of A-list stars. Cage is not one to slow things down as he’s always had projects lined up one after the other. Recently married with a new baby (named Kal-el), he’s plain dogged when it comes to moviemaking. Here’s a rundown of the four movies that has Cage blazing the screen this year: 

  1. The year starts off with a bang for Cage with Ghost Rider, Playing a motorcycle stuntman turned vigilante superhero, Ghost Rider is by all accounts a hit with a box-office gross of $115 million so far. It also gives merit to the studios that comic books are still the behemoths of cinema when it comes to expensive properties. Cage’s eccentric and cagey performance was ideal as Johnny Blaze.
  2. Next is based on a Philip Dick short story about a magician (Cage) who can see three minutes into the future. When a nuclear attack threatens Los Angeles, a government agent (Julianne Moore) must use her smarts to convince Cage to help. Lee Tamahori (Die Another Day, Mulholland Falls), always a smart director guides Cage through this action and sci-fi landscape. If this doesn’t end up looking like a wimpy episode of 24, Next could be another surprise hit for Cage. Next opens April 27.
  3. This fall, Cage sports his cool persona in Bangkok Dangerous, where he plays a hit man who pulls off a job for a local woman and finds himself bonding with a local boy. Based on the Thai film of the same name from the Pang Brothers, Cage was in the city last fall when a military coup put the brakes on production. Fortunately, the film wasn’t affected and finished filming and is currently in post-production.
  4. Finally in late December, Cage goes on the hunt again for National Treasure: Book of Secrets. This time, his character Ben Gates finds clues that lead him to uncover the mystery behind Lincoln’s assassination. Helen Mirren joins the cast to play Cage’s mother and in the crowded market for serious Oscar contenders at this part of the year, this should be a breath of fresh air.

There are about 5 other projects listed in IMDB for Cage in 2008 and those include producing duties. Often times, I’m almost sure that the projects that Cage chooses fall between mediocrity and excellent but they rarely jump the vault beyond that. On the surface, they appear to have all the elements going for them but more often than not when realized they hardly stay with you. Here’s to hoping Cage has a banner year.


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