New York’s film, TV incentives could tax L.A.’s economy

Is this city poised to take a bite out of Hollywood's bread and butter?

A dramatically expanded state tax credit for film and television productions has made New York a more appealing shooting locale than ever, bringing a wave of projects into the city this summer. Barring an actors strike, local soundstages expect to have more demand than they can fill in the coming months.

"We've had an onslaught of calls," said Douglas C. Steiner, chairman of Steiner Studios, a sprawling production facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

It's a remarkable shift from just five years ago, when the entertainment industry largely steered clear of New York because of the high costs and logistical hassles involved with shooting here. But aggressive efforts by local and state officials have made the region more production-friendly -- including a tax credit adopted in 2004.

(LA Times)

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