New on DVD: ‘Fragments’ starring Forest Whitaker and Kate Beckinsale

Available this week on DVD this week is Fragments, director Rowan Woods and writer Roy Freirich's look at the ripple effect one random act can have on a group of strangers.

On an average day, a neighborhood diner is filled with people grabbing a quick bite to eat before heading back out into the world. The day turns out to be anything but average, however, when a gunman walks in opens fire. In the aftermath, the survivors (Forest Whitaker, Kate Beckinsale, Guy Pearce, Dakota Fanning) find that the trajectories they planned to follow after leaving the diner have changed irrevocably.

From finding strange new popularity, to gambling issues, to a loss in personal and professional confidence, each survivor finds his or her approach to living life evolving, for better or for worse; finding a way to deal with that evolution might end up being the most difficult challenge of all.

Buy your copy of Fragments on DVD today.


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