New John Woo movie stops filming after stuntman’s death

The 80-million-dollar film The Battle of Red Cliff, which is the most expensive Asian movie ever, has been forced to suspend filming after a stuntman was killed and six people were injured in an accident on set, Variety reported Tuesday. The movie by John Woo is adapted from China's classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and tells the story of an epic battle waged in the year 280, in which thousands of ships decided the course of Chinese history.

According to the report, the 23-year-old stuntman was killed when a fire broke out Monday on the set in northern Beijing after a boat rammed into the set of an ancient warship.

The accident was the latest setback to strike the movie, which was previously hampered when heavy rains washed away part of an outdoor set in Hebei in northern China and lead actor Chow Yun-fat left the production.

It is written as a four-hour film and will be split into two parts for Asian territories, with the first to be released in July in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea. The movie will be cut to a single film of two-and-half hours for audiences outside Asia with release dates expected in December next year.

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