New ‘Footloose’ Movie Remake Finds Its Leading Man

"Footloose," the 1984 film about dancing teens, launched Kevin Bacon's career. Will the remake do the same for Kenny Wormald?

The film's producers had been looking for the right actor to fill Bacon's sizable shoes for some time. Several high-profile stars had been rumored for the role, including Zac Efron (dropped out, didn't want to be typecast) and Chace Crawford (also dropped out, scheduling conflict). In the end, an unknown got the job.

Entertainment Weekly explains that Wormald won the coveted role of Ren, a rebellious teen who challenges a small town's ban on dancing, the hard way: by auditioning against "thousands of other hopefuls in a worldwide search." The news that he'd won inspired an avalanche of searches on "kenny wormald" and "kenny wormald footloose." Clearly, folks want to know more about the new star.


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