New era begins as traditional TV season comes to an end


Before the end of April, most popular series darkened by the writer's strike will once again be on the air. By early May - a short month from now - the shows will start disappearing again, replaced by the first wave of returning summer series such as "Last Comic Standing" and "So You Think You Can Dance." They'll be quickly joined by reality series that did so well during the strike that they earned a quick reprieve. Among those shows are "American Gladiators" and "Moment of Truth."

In the past, that summer mix of baseball, reruns and reality fare ended abruptly the third week of September with the unveiling of the new fall slate of shows. And while there may well be a few new series this September, you won't need a scorecard or a 15-inch-thick TV Guide to find them. They'll just be sprinkled among dozens of familiar shows, the better to keep viewers from clicking to cable.

(Observer Reporter)

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