NEW DVD RELEASE: Blood Diamond (2-Disc Special Edition)

 Special Features:

  1. Audio Commentary with director Edward Zwick
  2. Documentary: Blood on the Stone - Follow the path of the diamond from the ground to the store (50:00)
  3. Featurette #1: Becoming Archer - A profile of Leonardo Dicaprio and how he trained for the war (8:29)
  4. Featurette #2: Journalism on the front line - Jennifer Connelly on women journalists at war (6:07)     
  5. Featurette #3: Inside the Siege of Freetown - see how Ed Zwick tackled the pivotal scene (10:28)
  6. Music Video: "Shine on Em" by rap artist Nas

Available Now: Blood Diamond (Two-Disc Special Edition)

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