NetFlix Offers A “Stream” Of Movie Rental


I spent part of the last few days watching NetFlix movies on my TV set. NetFlix has long allowed members to rent movies on DVDs and, since January, has enabled Windows users to watch them on a PC.

The movies I watched came through my broadband Internet connection directly to my TV, thanks to a new $100 set-top box from Roku. The box can connect to the Internet via an Ethernet cable or a WiFi wireless network, and to your TV through all the common analog and digital cables. There is also an optical audio out port for sending sound to an audio receiver.

Once you buy the box, the only thing you need to use the service is an unlimited NetFlix account, starting at $8.99 a month. And, unlike other online video "rental" services, there is no charge per movie. You can watch as many movies or TV shows as you want for the single monthly fee.

(CBS News)

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