NBC’s Jeff Zucker defends his networks against Jon Stewart

If there were ever any doubt that today's wealthy media conglomerate czars are out of touch with reality, all you have to do is listen to Jeff Zucker at this morning's Business Week media summit. The NBC Universal CEO went out of his way to blast Jon Stewart's ongoing dissection of CNBC's ludicrously amped-up coverage of the stock market train wreck, saying that "just because someone who mocks authority says something doesn't mean it's true."

Of course, that's the exact definition of being out of touch: When everyone else is looking at your financial network and seeing a bunch of ratings-obsessed charlatans who, though they surely knew better, talked up a host of terminally ill companies that were about to collapse, you look at your financial network and tell a media conference that "CNBC is a spectacular organization that's done a tremendous job."



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