NBC’s ‘Chuck’ Cast Grows With Christopher Lloyd

Where the hell has Christopher Lloyd been? The legendary funny man who’s worked steadily on film and television for years, is bringing his eccentric persona to NBC’s “Chuck.” The news recently broke that he’ll have a guest spot on the action comedy this spring before its highly anticipated finale in May.

The news of Lloyd’s casting was first announced via “Chuck’s” executive producer, Josh Schwartz. He spilled the beans on his official Twitter page that the actor would be coming onto the show, appearing in episode 16 of this season. Over at EW, they went even further and revealed that Lloyd would play “a therapist who Chuck turns to when the pressures of the spy biz become too much for him to bear.” The episode should air sometime in April or May.

How crazy do you have to be to seek out Christopher Lloyd for help? Schwartz has stated in the past that one of the actor’s most well known films (Back to the Future) has had a heavy influence on the show. Wouldn’t it be ironic if he played someone as off the wall as Doc Brown? I think Lloyd’s still got it. Do you think he’ll play the character crazy or straight-laced?

Source: Screencave

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