Natalie Portman replaces Angelina Jolie in sci-fi movie ‘Gravity’

Natalie Portman's acclaimed, tormented journey in 'Black Swan' could send her career to new heights. When Darren Aronofsky's psychological thriller teased the audience at Venice and Telluride film festivals last week, Portman received an offer from Warner Bros. to star in the drama 'Gravity'.

The lead in the epic story of survival, co-written by Alfonso Cuaron and Jonas was a very popular script for several months, with Angelina Jolie departing the project recently. Budgeted at $80 million, the story is a 3D survival movie which Alfonso Cuaron will direct. It's centered on a woman stranded on a space station satellite after debris crashes into it and kills the rest of the crew.

Robert Downey Jr. has already committed to a supporting role, but much of the picture is devoted to the female character who must survive the journey alone the same way Tom Hanks did in 'Cast Away' and James Franco did in '127 hours'.

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