Natalie Portman launches movie website


The tagline for Making Of, a web site about the behind-the-scenes of filmmaking created by Christine Aylward and actress Natalie Portman, is “Front Row. Behind the Scenes.” This should have been my first warning. After all, aren’t those two totally different locations?

Launched last week at the Tribeca Film Festival, Making Of is like one big compilation of DVD featurettes, some of which are tied to upcoming or recent releases, some of which are more general in scope. As the Token Celebrity Name-Dropped All Over the Press Release, Natalie Portman is front and center with two lengthy interviews about her process as an actor and her process as a director. Insights include the fact that a 1st AD is important to a film set and that she’d always wanted to act — and frankly that’s about as interesting as either get. (The bare-bones editing and production of these interviews doesn’t do her any favors.)


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