Movie Producing can take years

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The life of a producer means he is involved every step of the way, which can cover a time period of seven years.

What do film producers actually do? It’s one of those things we’re never really sure of. We know they’re the men – it’s usually men – with the money. We know they smoke big cigars (right?). We know they lure eager young starlets to the casting couch, promising to make them a star. But beyond that, what?

“For the last 30 years I’ve been strictly a New York-based independent theatrical film producer,” says Peter Newman, sitting in Estia Cultural Centre in Nicosia, where he’s about to give a weekend-long workshop on film production. That’s ‘theatrical film’ as opposed to TV and DVD, ‘independent’ as opposed to working for a studio, and ‘strictly New York’ as opposed to Hollywood – a place “which I’m not a part of,” he adds, then clarifies further: “It’s not that I eitherwant to be part of it, or that they ever asked me to be part of it”.


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