MOVIE OPENINGS – Jan 23, 2009


Director: Patrick Tatopoulos 
Stars: Rhona Mitra, Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy 
Studio: Screen Gems

The Plot: An origins story which reveals the cause of the centuries-old blood feud between the Death Dealers and the Lycans. Lucian (Sheen), a powerful and influential Lycan, rallies his race in an uprising against the vampire king Viktor (Nighy). Joining Lucian is his secret lover, Sonja (Mitra), a vampire who empathizes with the Lycans and looks to help free them from slavery.


Director: Iain Softley 
Stars: Brendan Fraser, Andy Serkis, Eliza Bennett 
Studio: Warner Bros. Pictures

The Plot: A little girl (Bennett) rallies her friends -- both real and imaginary -- to rescue her father (Fraser), a bookbinder who can bring characters to life by reading aloud, from the clutches of an evil-doer (Serkis).


Director: John Madden 
Stars: Thomas Jane, Diane Lane, Mickey Rourke 
Studio: Weinstein Company, The

The Plot: A botched scam sends an old-school hitman (Rourke) and a young stick-up kid (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) on a mission to find and kill an innocent couple (Jane and Lane) in order to protect their identities.

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