Movie deals in the age of recession

In Hollywood, the deal is king. Deals are how scripts get optioned, how stars and directors get signed up, how films make it to production. A good one can mean financial security and a name above the title. A bad one can be as dispiriting, gruelling and financially ruinous as building your dream house on unmarked floodland. The bad news is sometimes it's worse than that, and in the current financial climate it's getting tougher to make the right deal.

In these straitened times, George Clooney is allegedly settling for upfront fees of a paltry $2m, while Megan Fox has walked away from Transformers 3 because her salary demands "cannot be met". The most dramatic illustration of the difficulties Hollywood faces, though, comes in the plight of MGM – reportedly $3.7bn in debt – which has postponed production of the 23rd Bond film, despite it being part of the second most successful franchise of all time, after Harry Potter.


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