Morgan Spurlock hunts Osama in new movie


Morgan Spurlock is a curious guy who's dedicated his career to answering some pretty crazy questions via his documentary films and television show.

What would a month-long McDonald's diet do to the human body ("Super Size Me")? Can two people live for a month solely on minimum wage (season one of "30 Days")? What would it be like to spend time locked up as an inmate (season two of "30 Days")?

To make his work stand out, Spurlock uses himself as a human guinea pig. He ate all that fast food, faced minimum wage and went to jail. In his latest film, "Where in the World Is Osama bin Laden?," opening Friday, the filmmaker tries to do what the CIA, FBI and U.S. military have all failed to do: find the world's most wanted man.

(Chicago Sun Times)

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