More US Consumers Drop Cable, DVDs As Content Moves Online

For an idea of what's vexing U.S. entertainment industry executives these days, take a look at howTodd Mundt in Louisville, Ky., watches television and movies.

Eager to save money, the public radio station employee canceled his cable- television subscription, opting instead to get his favorite shows from a host of free streaming video sites, including, a joint venture of General Electric Co.'s (GE) NBC Universal and News Corp. (NWS). Rather than rent DVDs fromBlockbuster Inc. (BBI), Mundt streams movies from Netflix Inc.(NFLX), a cheap and convenient substitute.

Mundt estimates he's saving at least $50 a month by getting his entertainment over the broadband connection he would pay for anyway just to have access to the Web. His prowess at finding entertainment online has also made him the envy of friends and colleagues.


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