Mike Meyers to Bollywood: I’m your man

Mike Myers, the writer and actor in the outrageous comedy The Love Guru, which some Hindus have found to be offensive, wants to star in a Bollywood musical. And he is very serious about it."I would love to be in a Bollywood film," he said at the press day for The Love Guru held at Waldorf Astoria Tower, New York, on Wednesday. "If a Bollywood director wants to hire a 45-year-old Scottish-English-Canadian actor, who does comedies, I'm their man," he said.

The actor plays a crazed guru in The Love Guru, which opens in America and Canada this Friday. He has famously lent his voice to a swamp-loving ogre in the Shrek movies, and played a caricature of James Bond in the Austin Powers films.



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