Mike Judge: Back on the grind with ‘Extract’

Mike Judge is a boring guy. Don't believe it? Ask him. "I'm not that exciting, at least in the Hollywood way people might think," Judge says. "I've always related more to the everyday schlub. I guess because I am one."

Which helps explain why the creator ofBeavis and Butt-headKing of the Hill and Office Spaceconnects so well with middle America. His characters look like regular people. They spend their days at tedious jobs and nights sipping beer on their couches. They are passionate about things like lawns, propane and propane accessories.

Judge returns to the blue-collar world Friday with Extract, a counterpoint of sorts to Office Space. Judge skewers the workplace from the boss' perspective, in this case an extract factory owner (Jason Bateman) who is struggling with his marriage.


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