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It’s hard to believe but actor Michael Caine has been in the movie business for 50 years now. He has comfortably slipped from a movie actor into a character actor over the last 20 years or so and has been doing rather well. From muscular roles in the Batman movies to Inception, Caine is  having quite a resurgence as an actor. Recently, he talked to about some of his view and opnions about acting, the movie business and making movie:

On his distinct accent:

I had to make Cockney understandable to Americans. One of the main things about Cockney is, you speak at twice the speed as Americans. Americans speak very slow.

On missing the Oscars when he won because he was making Jaws

They said, "We're making this film about Jaws, will you do seven days on that?" [The Oscars] came out of the blue; I was astonished that I was nominated. I went to Universal and said, "Can you change the schedule?" and they said no: "We can't, because we're stuck with the boats and the traps." And so I had to be there, and so I missed it.

On making crappy movies

The extenuating circumstance there was I was a young actor from England in Hollywood, and one of the biggest producers there asked me to play the lead in a movie. And it was going to be a special-effects film, all the bees would be swarming and killing everybody. And I said, "Yeah, that would be fantastic!" I didn't realize that if you make a special-effects film, and the special effects don't work, you're in a little bit of trouble.

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