Michael C. Hall on ‘Dexter’s’ shades of gray

When Michael C. Hall took to the stage to accept a Golden Globe in January, it represented his first win after four nominations for his role as a serial killer on Showtime's "Dexter." Just a week earlier, with awards season then in full swing and his Globes appearance at the Beverly Hilton Hotel imminent, Hall was compelled to make a startling announcement: He was undergoing a battle with lymphoma.

Though he joked backstage that the hat he wore to conceal the hair loss effects of his treatment gave him "a justifiable excuse for accessorizing," he has kept his battle quiet. His wife and costar, Jennifer Carpenter, recently announced that the 39-year-old actor has "fully recovered." In April, as "Dexter" began shooting its fifth season, which will begin airing in September, Hall shared his thoughts about America's most lovable sociopath.


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