Mel Gibson’s mainstream Hollywood career is over – for real, this time

It's interesting to try to divine the chicken-and-egg of Mel Gibson's firing by WME last week: Was it his (first-alleged, now aurally proved) misogynistic and racist comments that enabled the agency to part ways with him, or was it the death of longtime agent Ed Limato that did the trick?

Earlier today the news surfaced that William Morris Endeavor had split with Gibson last week-- as Limato lay seriously ill, and just several days after Radar Online broke the news that Gibson had verbally abused his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva by using the N-word. (The reports were just that until today, when audio of the Gibson incident was released on Radar.)

It's a juicy thought experiment to ask what Gibson's agency status would have been had only one of those events occurred. (For what it's worth, our guess is that Limato's death without comments would have spelled the end of the relationship, while comments with Limato around probably would have kept him on the WME docket, though with dubious professional results.)

There's of course a third variable in all this -- the fact that Gibson just wasn't much of a bankable star anymore anyway


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