McG’s on a mission to save ‘Terminator’

With the dust settled and Hollywood hindsight in sharp focus, there were clear winners at Comic-Con International, which ended last week in San Diego.

The makers of "Watchmen" are absolutely living up to the hype, while the wide-eyed "Twilight" team is just now realizing how huge the fan expectation is for its vampire romance. "The Spirit," meanwhile, quieted some of the anxieties of comic-book purists who have wondered why exactly Will Eisner's gentle noir needs a "Sin City" treatment, and the stylish "Max Payne," the upcoming video-game adaptation starring Mark Wahlberg, was a flat-out hit with surprised fans.

The biggest news, though, is that "Terminator Salvation" might actually live up to the second half of its title. The movie came to San Diego with a lot to prove. The killer-robot franchise looked pretty thin the last time it was on-screen in 2003, and new director McG has his share of skeptics. Star Christian Bale (or is it "Bail"?) didn't show up in San Diego -- he was caught up in an ugly family scrap in London.

(LA Times)

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