Matt Damon will not return for Bourne 4 movie

Matt Damon has stated that he will not return for a fourth Bourne after the last one came out. Damon vowed, after director Paul Greengrass left the "Bourne" franchise, that he'd never do another "Bourne" movie unless they let Greengrass return. Tony Gilroy, screenwriter of two of the films and director of "Michael Clayton," has taken over the franchise, and he's found a way out of the Damon problem: Get rid of Jason Bourne.

The next film will be called "The Bourne Legacy," but even though the name's in the title, the film will have no Jason Bourne. Thus, no Matt Damon. Interestingly enough, the book "The Bourne Legacy" does have Jason Bourne (though it wasn't actually written by Robert Ludlum, the creator of the book series). Gilroy explained to Hollywood Elsewhere's Jeffrey Wells that he's just taking the title and running with it.


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