Matt Damon pulls a Bourne on his public image, says Peter Bart of Variety


MEMO TO: Matt Damon

FROM: Peter Bart

Re: your missing public persona TORONTO -- You've been sounding off about the press lately, Matt. Oops -- since you're a Harvard man, perhaps I should phrase it more elegantly. You've been reiterating some sophistries, Matt, which suggest you're becoming a borderline solipsist.

I realize you don't like to get into the Harvard stuff, Matt, or for that matter, anything that touches on your personal life. After all, you've had extraordinary success at the box office lately, and you've also been noticing the tendency of other stars to self-destruct. Your conclusion: The safest path for a movie star is to remain totally remote from the media, and to be utterly secretive about your personal tastes and beliefs -- in short, to disappear as a person.

(Source: Variety)

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