Matt Damon gains weight for ‘The Informant’

You'll be seeing a lot of Matt Damon this fall.

Thirty pounds more, to be exact. The clean-cut actor, known for his all-American good looks, gobbled junk food and acquired an impressive gut to play a shifty, shady whistle-blower in the comedy The Informant!, opening Friday. Damon, calling the weight gain "liberating," savored every ounce of it. Surprisingly, so did his wife, Lucy.

"I made my wife appreciate it. She was a good sport. I paraded around. I loved my body. I walked around, danced — dancing with a belly like that was fun," says Damon. "My stepdaughter loved it, too. She kept poking me in the stomach, laughing."

His girth aside, it's a super-sized year for Damon, 38, whose last film was the 2007 action blockbuster The Bourne Ultimatum. He has Clint Eastwood's Invictus, about Nelson Mandela's attempt to unite his country through rugby, out in December. And in March, Damon hunts for weapons of mass destruction in the Iraq war thriller Green Zone, from Paul Greengrass.



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