Mark Zuckenberg: Facebook movie claims are false

Mark Zuckenberg the founder of facebook is lashing back that Facebook was not created in response to being dumped by a girl.

At first he ignored the existence of the smash-hit movie that's 85 percent about how much he's a socially maladjusted jerk. But now Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, in a smart PR move, has confirmed that he'd brought his employees to a screening(complete with post-viewing apple martinis, a nice touch referencing a scene in the film), and is finally breaking his silence about "The Social Network."

Zuckerberg was asked about the difference between the movie and what he experienced while creating Facebook. "Where do you want to start?" he asked. Every shirt and fleece worn by the actor (Jesse Eisenberg) who played him was one he had actually worn, Zuckerberg said. The movie got a lot of stuff wrong and random details right, he said.


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